A good day smells like breakfast

We lovingly prepare your breakfast basket for a healthy start to the day.

To make sure that you get exactly what you want and the right amount, simply choose from our menu of local, regional and farm-made breakfast products. We ask that you always place your breakfast order with us the day before by 10 am at the latest.

We also offer our “bread roll service” for fresh bread each day (except on Sundays and public holidays).

Plant, harvest and enjoy

Thanks to its sunny location at 1650 metres above sea level, growing delicious food at the Pfeifhof farm in Sesto is easy. Veggies and fruit fresh from the garden go into your breakfast smoothie – a brilliant vitamin boost!

Watching the farmer's wife at work

Can you smell the delicious aroma of fresh apple strudel, doughnuts or waffles? Then farmer’s wife Judith must be hard at work in her kitchen and is always happy for you to watch.

What nature gifts us

It’s not just the garden and fields that provide a lot – the surrounding forests also produce an abundance of treasures: Blackberries and cranberries, for example, have to be painstakingly picked by hand, but are ideal for making jams and juices. Mushrooms and wild herbs add extra variety to the everyday menu.

Wir freuen uns auf Sie

We look forward to seeing you