Sights in Sesto

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If you want to embark on a cultural and historical journey in Sesto, you can even visit some museums / open-air museums in the village that tell the story of the First World War. But there are also museums with cultural treasures of a different kind, such as the Rudolf Stolz Museum (one of the most important painters in South Tyrol) or the famous Sesto nativity scene exhibition.

Deep roots in Sesto

Tradition and customs are very important here. Processions, parades, the annual cattle drive and other traditional festivals reflect the locals’ deep connection to their roots. On such occasions, festival visitors are treated to a variety of local specialities.

Mitterberg fortress

The fortress in Sesto is located directly below our farm and was built between 1884 and 1889 under Emperor Franz Joseph. The fortress survived the First World War and was completely restored in 2017. The museum offers guided tours to keep the fascinating stories from this period alive.

Bellum Aquilarum historical association

Sesto was right on the front lines of the First World War. The Bellum Aquilarum association has created a number of museums around Sesto to ensure that these traces are not lost.

Rudolf Stolz Museum

A must for all art lovers! Located right in the historic centre of Sesto, the museum houses works by Rudolf and Albert Stolz and regularly organises themed and solo exhibitions.

MMM 2024

Coming Soon

The old mountain station Monte Elmo Sesto has been renovated and will in future house the new Messner Mountain Museum “MMM Roca” with marvellous views of the Sesto Dolomites. Can be reached on foot from the farm in approx. 1 hour (forest road).

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